Works in Progress

Genre: Archaeological thriller
Word count: Roughly 81K
Status: Editing

When archaeologist Lily Ashwood’s father is killed in a mid-air disaster, she tags along to an ordinary archaeological dig for a working holiday. But the dig is no ordinary archaeological site, and Lily quickly makes an amazing find: a book hidden within a secret chamber, one that was added centuries after the original occupants had died out.

But before Lily can make her find known, thieving bandits attack the site, taking the book. Who are they? Who were they working for? And how did they know about the book?

From the sands of Egypt and the streets of Belfast, to the French countryside and the watery depth of the English lakes, Lily must race around the globe in search of a mystical and powerful weapon, one that was once thought to have never existed. But she is not alone. As Lily traverses the globe with ex-lover Connor Nolan, the pair is hunted at every step by a ruthless group of Irish terrorists, led by the powerful Patrick Walsh. For he wants the weapon to bring down the British monarchy to its knees and reunite his homeland.

Detective Senior Constable Alex Chase was born in early 2011 when I needed something to do in-between university classes. Currently only one short story has been written, with several other ideas floating around in my head. The first story, HIT AND RUN, is approximately 12K, and is currently on hold in the editing stage while I work on other projects.

To be a YA fantasy trilogy. Formed from a collection of random fantasy thoughts and ideas, I’ve realised that if I write the damn thing down, all the voices will leave me alone. Currently in the planning stage. Check back soon for more information!