About Matthew

Matthew Dodwell is a teenage author from Australia. As an Army Brat, Matthew moved around the country regularly and holidayed in several overseas counties, picking up the Travel Bug somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, it has been some time since Matthew has moved house, and his life has become very un-thrilling. He is making up for an un-thrilling real life by combining his passion for travel with his passions for ancient history and creative writing to create an explosive thriller novel, which spans the globe in search of an ancient and powerful weapon.

Matthew has always held a strong passion for storytelling, even dictating stories as a child to his mother, who then wrote them down. It was not until his teenage years that Matthew took up creative writing seriously, and has since completed three novels and numerous short stories, one of which has been published as part of a national creative writing competition.

Matthew currently lives near Brisbane, Australia, where he is completing a Bachelor of Business. When he isn’t writing, Matthew is studying, reading, or studying. How un-thrilling.