Monday, 6 January 2014

2013: A Year in Review

2013 was pretty much the best year I’ve ever had in my two decades of life. A bold statement, and contrary to pretty much everyone on my Facebook news feed, but true. I’m sad that 2013 has ended, because it was full of awesome, and 2014 is forecasted to be not-so-awesome. I have one year left on my Bachelor degree, so this year will be a bit of a slog to get through my final two semesters.

But, to recap 2013, I present to you:

Five Major Plot Points of 2013:
(Stolen taken used without permission borrowed from Amanda.)

1) Travelled a lot through Europe. Celebrated 20th birthday in the beautiful Venice.

2) Stayed on for a second semester abroad in Germany. Made lots of friends. Had lots of fun. Managed to travel to Turkey for a two week all expenses paid for holiday intensive seminar.

3) Took time to backpack more of Europe before heading back to Australia, thus pushing degree back two semesters. (I could have been done by now!)

4) Wrote a novel. Finished said novel right before Christmas. Now impatiently waiting to edit it.

5) Returned to Australia just in time for one DAMN HOT summer. Still looking for a job… four months later =/

That’s the plot outline of my 2013. Maybe I should have switched 4 and 5 around, just to end the year on a happy note. But I suppose 2013 is just one part of the icosikaihenalogy* of my life’s story. So I’ll need to write the next installment to reach the happy ending… (Okay, this analogy is falling apart).

But moving on, 2014 is the year I put my head down and work hard to do really well in my final year as an undergrad. I’m itching to go travelling again, but with the exception of (maybe) a two-week trip to New Zealand, I’m staying put until I graduate. Boring.

I’m also going to spend the year editing my novel, which I’m very excited for! I finished my WIP a few days before Christmas, and it’s very underweight, so I’m pumped to add more action/drama/mystery to it. And I’m going to hurt my characters even more. *cue sadistic grin*

* Icosikaihenalogy is a 21-part series. I just made that word up, but it’s okay: I’m a writer. (But seriously, it could be a word technically. Just like duology and trilogy are based off the Greek for 2 and 3, “icosikaihen” means 21. You just learnt something today. You’re welcome.)