Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Getting Back into a Routine

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve started writing my WIP and I love it. It’s just as explosive and fast paced as I envisioned it to be. It’s also the first set of new words I’ve written since I finished the rough draft of EXCALIBUR back in November.

After nearly a year of editing and planning, I have to admit that I’m finding it hard to get back into the routine of writing daily. I built up the habit during the ‘100 Words for 100 Days’ challenge, but in 2012 my hard work has gone backwards, and I’m struggling to commit and sit down every day.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m making progress, but rather than my goal of 500 words a day, it’s more like 1500 words, then two days off. I’ve still got the same word count as I would if I were writing daily.

Nathan Bransford blogged about how it’s not necessary towrite every day. He did mention that “…some people totally [write daily], and more power to them. They set word count goals, they wake up early or stay up late, they bend schedules to make sure they're getting some words down every single day.” 

That used to be me.

See, I like writing daily because it helps me to keep up momentum. Every day, I can remember where I left off, and I can remember where I’m going. But in my current state, I have to spend valuable writing time (and because it’s sporadic, it is valuable) rereading my current chapter to get the feel for the story again.

This week and the past few weeks, have been difficult, because I don’t have a schedule yet, but from next week things should settle down into a routine, so I should be able to get into a good habit again. I’ve decided to try writing in the mornings, because that’s when things should be least hectic.

For the comments, I’m interested: do you write daily, or do you fit in words whenever you have the chance? Let me know!


  1. I…don't know how I write for this project yet, but in the past, I have generally written every day except Sundays, unless I have something else I'm doing. I set more weekly goals than daily goals, though I do currently have a minimum for myself of 1k a day, just to make sure I'm making progress towards that weekly goal. I'm probably going to up my minimum to 2.5k once I settle into writing vs. editing again. Also, I tend to go back and edit what I did the day before when I sit down to write, to get into the flow and just continue where I left off. Most people say that's a bad idea, but I can't stop myself, and I do make good progress, so I'mma stick with it unless and until it becomes a problem. =)

    1. Is that 2.5K each day?! That's a lot!

      You should definitely do what works for you, even if other people say it's a bad idea. Rules are meant to be broken!