Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Be Inspired

So Amanda tagged me in the Be Inspired blog meme. This means she’s murdered my so-far-successful attempt at procrastination, and now I have to blog. Gee, thanks, Amanda.

(I’m just kidding. I’m glad I’ve got a blog topic!)

The Be Inspired blog meme is based on my current WIP, which is cool because I haven’t really discussed the finer details of ROGUE. So, questions and answers!

What is the name of your book?
At the moment I’m calling it ROGUE (although that name will probably stick). Other things I considered calling it were Operation Berlin and Persona Non Grata.

Where did the idea for your book come from?
Believe it or not, but the seed of the idea actually came from an episode of Castle! There was an episode where Castle and Beckett worked with the CIA to stop a terrorist plot, and at the time I thought about how cool it would be to write a spy-thriller. But, I had other projects, so I pushed that thought away. A few weeks later, I watched two spy-thrillers: Salt (staring Angelina Jolie), and then The Bourne Identity. That, I guess, pushed me over the edge. I had to write a spy-thriller now. The Bourne Identity probably inspired me the most, because it showed me that espionage-thrillers didn’t have to be set all over the globe. (The Bourne Identity is set primarily in France.) And since I was a few months away from going to Germany, I thought it could be a fun project to work on.

In what genre would you classify your book?
Spy-thriller. It could easily turn into a political-thriller though.

If you had to pick actors to play your characters in a movie rendition, who would you choose?
I haven’t thought too much about all the characters, but I think Jeremy Renner (who is coincidentally starring in The Bourne Legacy) would make a great Daniel Fox. (I swear I chose Renner before I found out he was starring in another spy movie.)

Give us a one-sentence synopsis of your book.

After CIA agent Daniel Fox is framed for treason, he must go rogue to clear his name, save his country, and uncover who set him up.

(I literally wrote that after fifteen seconds of thinking).

Is your book already published?
No. Has my book even been written? Again, no.

How long did it take you to write your book?
Like I said in the previous question, I haven’t began. So far I’ve been planning it since July, and I should start work in October (because I’m waiting until I get to Germany to start writing it out). I estimate that it should take me about six months to write the rough draft, maybe a little longer considering it’s about 10K larger than my previous novels.

What other books within your genre would you compare it to? Or, readers of which books would enjoy yours?
Actually, I haven’t actually read too many spy-thrillers before. I know, bad writer, bad! I would compare ROGUE to the Jason Bourne film trilogy (I’m not sure about the book series, though. I haven’t read them… yet), and to a lesser extent, Salt. As for books though… maybe the James Bond book series?

What authors inspired you to write this book?
 I know they’re not technically authors, but I should name Tony Gilroy (who wrote the Jason Bourne film trilogy), and Kurt Wimmer (who wrote Salt) as the people who inspired me to write ROGUE. Robert Ludlum and Ian Flemming both get honourable mentions for influencing me in my love of spy-thrillers.

Tell us anything that might pique our interest in your book.
There’s lots of action, lots of killing, and lots of car chases. I’d like to think there’s also a healthy bit of mystery thrown in.

I’m supposed to tag five people, but I really don’t like doing that, so I won’t tag anyone this time… wait, yes I will. I tag: Maggie, Constance, and Constamaggiance. *oozes peer pressure over them*



    Firstly, I must say that I am quite proud of Constamaggiance's catching. =P Secondly, Bourne + Salt sounds excellent. I haven't read many spy-thrillers, either—wait, no, that's a lie. I've read all but the last couple of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, which is excellent. I highly recommend them. ^_^ But anyway. ROGUE sounds great, just from the little bit you've shared—lots of killing and action and things. I like it. =)

    1. Yeah, I quite like the name Constamaggiance :D

      I've forgotten all about the Alex Rider series! I read the first few years ago, but I'm not sure why I stopped reading. Maybe Horowitz hadn't finished writing the next book, and I moved on??

      And I'm glad you like the sound of ROGUE. I'm so pumped to write it!