Friday, 10 August 2012

Update on Life

So, I’ve been a bit of a slack blogger lately, haven’t I? Only three posts in the last three weeks. Life has been a bit busy, what with work, helping out at my church, and spending as much time as possible with my friends before I fly to the other side of the world. Somehow I just keep missing blogging opportunities.

But my writing’s going well. As I said last week, I’ve shelved EXCALIBUR, so I’m dedicating all my writing time to creating an outline for my new project, ROGUE. It’s coming along well; I’ve got an outline completed, and now I’m going through it, fixing up weak areas of the plot, and making sure it flows smoothly. I came to the realisation earlier this week that ROGUE will probably need a sequel, which I don’t really want to be locked into – I’ve got a fantasy trilogy to write as well! So, after playing around with the outline, I think I’ve managed to tie most of it together by the end. There’s definitely still room for a sequel, and a sequel would flow on nicely, but it’s not needed. ROGUE is still a stand-alone book.

On the reading front, I’ve just about finished my TBR pile! One book left! (Two, if you count the book I’m currently reading). I’ve been trying to reduce my TBR pile before I go to Germany so that I don’t have to lug twenty million books with me, so I’m pleased that I’m just about finished. I never thought I’d get there! It is a bit weird though, not having a massive stack of books next to my bed, but weird in a good way.

There’s only five and a half weeks left before I fly out to Europe, and I’m very excited and very nervous! I still can’t speak much German at all – I’ve been trying to make time to learn… but it’s just not going well. But that’s what 24+ hour plane trips are for, right?

Over to you now. How’s your writing going? Are you making excellent progress, or are you struggling along? And I want to know your thoughts on sequels/trilogies: do you like them, or do you prefer stand-alone books? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Haha, if you're a slack blogger, I kind of don't want to know what that makes me. XD Glad things are going better on the writing front! For me, I've taken a bit of a breather after the finishing of polishing Book 1, but I'm digging into writing Book 2 now—I already have ~15k written from last year's NaNo, so I need to fix all of that, then keep on keeping on. =) I'm pretty optimistic about my ability to finish this book before Christmas(maybe even have a round of edits done O_O), which will be lightning fast compared to my previous time of years and years, lol.

    Oooh, series. Umm…I have two seven-book series, so I think my opinion is made clear by that fact alone. XD I have four or five stand-alone books swimming around in my head, some with a bit written, some with only a plot/various scenes being planned out, but yes. I think I like both for different reasons—a series means there's a new one to look forward to/get excited about, and it'll be more complex(one would hope) to fully flesh the story out enough to NEED sequels. But stand-alones can be very satisfying, too—no need to wait for a sequel, everything's self-contained and nice and stuff. =)