Monday, 2 July 2012


So, somehow I managed to let another week go by without a single post. I don’t know how it happened – I had posts planned… but they just didn’t get written.

I’ve got to say: I don’t have that much free time, even now that I am out of uni for the semester. I’ve picked up some more hours at work, but not that much. I really can’t account for all this missing time.

The good news is, I spent yesterday afternoon writing some blog posts in advance, and I finalised my Kindle review! So there’ll definitely be regular posting this week (at least)!

Hmm, what else is happening in my life? Hmm. Not a lot, actually. Seeing the new Spiderman movie tomorrow (which looks cooler and more action-packed than I’m willing to admit) will probably be the highlight of my week, and I’ve got tickets to The Dark Knight Rises when it’s released in Australia. But not just any tickets – I’ve got midnight premiere tickets! Ah, the joys of being out of the 9 – 3 high school week! People reading from the beginning will remember I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 at its midnight release last year. I’m glad Harry was my first, and Batman will be a worthy second.

That’s all from me today!

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