Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Just a Couple of Things...

So, just a short post from me today! I’m off to see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight tonight before the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises (which will technically be tomorrow!), so I’m just about ready to leave to watch that. You might remember that that I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at its midnight release, and I posted about here. Feel free to read (or reread) and comments (or recommend).

I’ve got a bit of an idea about what writers can learn from the Nolan’s Batman trilogy, so I’ll mull over that and hopefully blog about it for Friday. If you missed my other superhero post, you can still read it here.

I’ll also mention that I’m still going strong in the 10 Minutes for 100 Days editing challenge – the past few days have been tricky to find time, but I’m proud to say I have been editing for at least ten minutes every single day.

Your turn now: how have you been? Any new movies you know of that are worth seeing (because I don’t go to the movies enough (Ha! I wish! I’ve been to the cinemas far too often these past few weeks -_-)). Let me know in the comments!

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