Friday, 15 June 2012

Oh, Friday

Oh, Friday, I’m glad you’re here. Now that you’re here, it’s only one more sleep to the weekend, and only one more sleep until relaxation.

I’ve had a pretty rough week. First, my friend gave my brother and I the flu – that’s enough to classify the week as “sucky”, right? My friend had it first, followed by my brother, and I followed a day behind the cycle. So my friend would have a terrible symptom, and then my brother would get it, and I’d get it a day later. First it was a sore throat, then a runny nose (climaxing to virtually having water running out of one’s nostrils (yeah, I know: eww gross!)), and then a chesty cough. Not fun. Especially when you can see your brother develop it, and know you’re about 24 hours away from it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had an exam on Thursday. (Dear Girl Sitting Next to Me, I’m sorry for making gross noises for two hours. I couldn’t help it.) Despite the foggy feeling in my head, I think I went okay. I’m just glad to be done with it.

And finally, today. It was pretty quiet all day at work… until I was about to leave. After I finally left (thirty minutes later!) I had to pick up some shopping Mum had ordered online, complications arose… and it took way longer to get home than I thought. Hungry + tired + hot +late home = Irritated Matthew

So, yeah. I’ve had a crappy weekend (and now MS Word won’t stop telling me about sentence fragments. I’m a writer; I can do what I like!) Fortunately, I'm going to a theme park on Saturday, which will hopefully let me forget all about this week.

But, how’s your week been? Have you had an awesome week, or was it less-than-average, like mine? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Sorry to hear about illness! That sucks. =/ I once was taking a math test or something, and it was allergy season so my nose kept bleeding, and the teacher thought it was a big deal and was like, "You should go to the nurse," and I was like, "No! I need to finish my test!" I was a very determined, studious little kid. =P

    And lol at MS Word. That's why I like my Mac, with its Pages. It doesn't tell me what to do. ^_~* As for my week(last week), the beginning was rough, but I spent Thursday-Saturday pretending the internet didn't exist, and I got a lot more work done. So that was good. I'm doing it again this week, for the final stretch—I plan to emerge from this week with a completely edited MS in hand. ^_^ So…I'm going to go get on that. Hope you're doing better! =)

    1. Hmph, maybe I need to change to Apple then...

      I'm glad you got heaps of work done last week, even if that did mean you weren't around! Good luck on finishing your editing!

  2. This post made me chuckle-- in sympathy, though. Sorry you got sick! Coming from a big family, I've *totally* experienced that. In the past I've always been last to get a sickness, and so I know by my siblings symptoms what I'm in for. Somehow it makes it worse. :\

    Oh, and about this Word thing, I agree with Amanda that you should change to Mac. Except don't do Pages... do Scrivener!! I mean, there's nothing wrong with Pages. It's just... Scrivener is made for writers. It's perfect.

    I know I'm late to answer, but my week's been so-so. Just got back in town semi-recently and I've been taking a much longer time to adjust to normal life again than I thought. O_o It's not so great.

    Gosh. Why are my comments all so LONG tonight??

    1. My laptop's got a few years left before I upgrade, so maybe I will get a Mac. I do like Apple products (even if I only own an iPod)!

      It's a shame that your week's only been so-so. I hope everything gets back to normal soon!