Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I always find it interesting when writers talk about music and writing. Some people have total silence to write, while others can’t write without music. I fall into the former category. When I’m writing, all music/ background noise/ the world in general just disappears. For other people, it gets them into the right mood and helps them concentrate.

I enjoy R&B and rap. (Yes, I’m one of those people. Yes, people I meet are always surprised about my music tastes too. Yes, I’m aware I don’t look like the type.) But right now, I’m loving Florence + The Machine and their song Never Let Me Go.


No, really. Listen.

I’m not really sure why I like this song… I just really do. It seems like such a sad song, and it reminds of drowning. *shrugs* I usually prefer upbeat happy songs, but right now, Florence + The Machine is… well, music to my ears.

So, as I go listen to this beautiful song once, I want to know what music you’re in love with right now. Is your favourite song a genre you wouldn’t usually listen to? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and tell me: are you a write-with-music or a write-without-music person?


  1. So I find the music video disturbing on many levels, but I love the song. ^_^ It's kind of my brand of music, if I could be said to have a brand…I just like melancholy stuff. Melancholy, or love songs—nothing upbeat. In terms of genre, I listen to folk, jazz, some pop, rock, etc., as long as it makes me feel something, generally on the sadder side of things.

    Specifically, I love The Civil Wars and Jars of Clay, but I also like individual songs like Iridescent by Linkin Park, Your Song by Elton John, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls(though I think their band name is ridiculous, so I usually don't acknowledge them, lol), and some Coldplay, some Beatles, some Adele, some Snow Patrol…rather an eclectic group. My tastes are more measured by individual songs than individual artists.

    But that has nothing to do with writing, because I can't listen to lyrics when I'm trying to concentrate on something else. ^_^ I listen to instrumentals—I have one for each POV, plus a 'project-wide' song for skimming line edits. With my current project, all the songs are Legend of Zelda soundtracks(besides the project-wide one, which is the Moonlight Sonata). I went for a while without listening to music, but the writing was falling flat. I edit now with the tracks, and things are coming out exponentially better, so I'm sticking with my music. =)

    1. Haha, yeah, the music video is pretty weird. Thanks for reading!

  2. Soooo music. My music tastes are...varied. I listen to anything from classical to Kpop(Korean pop). Aside from occasional songs, I refuse to listen to American pop, I hate screamo, and metal makes me wince. Otherwise, it really just depends on the song.

    However, some of my favorite bands/musicians right now are Akito Shikata(Navigatoria), Yirume(Kiss the Rain), Blackmore's Night(Ghost of a Rose, and Home Again), and Ludovico Einaudi(Primavera, and Divenire). Yes, those are about as random as you can get. Yes, they are all awesome and if you haven't heard them you should listen to them (I listened to YOUR song. :P(I kid, I kid. It was a good song.))

    I like music that makes me think. Not necessarily melancholy, but not just light and "lalala" music, either. But on the other hand, I like bubblegum music without much depth to it. It really just depends on my mood. I always steer away from questionable lyrics, though. (Though when half the music I listen to is in Korean, Japanese, French, etc, it's hard to find translations to check sometimes. O_o)

    I listen to music while I write. Usually I listen to the playlist for the character/book, but if I need really peppy, upbeat music to energize me, sometimes I listen to that instead. I have no preference about lyrics...As long as I don't put songs that I've actually worked to memorize the lyrics of(because I won't learn lyrics unless I actually think about it and try to), then I'm good with basically anything. =P

    ...Monologue comments FTW!

    1. I *did* listen to your songs, and they're not what I expected when you said Korean pop! Still, it's good music!