Monday, 25 June 2012

Microsoft OneNote

I discovered a program on my computer last month which, after trialling it, I’ve decided is an excellent program for writers.

Microsoft OneNote is an organisational tool I think is similar to a whiteboard – it’s a big (seemingly limitless) white space that you can write on and draw on anywhere on the page. You can insert pictures, links to other Microsoft documents, and even highlight text. It’s one big drawing board.

I’ve been using Microsoft OneNote for my Untitled YA Fantasy Idea, and I love it. You can have several different workbooks, and within each workbook you can several different tabs, and within each tab, you can have several different pages (the “whiteboard”). OneNote allows me to neatly arrange all my information and contain it in one document (as opposed to folders within folders, and hundreds of word documents (which I’ve had previously).

I have a workbook for each WIP, and within each workbook, different tabs for different topics. So, in UYAFI’s workbook, I have a tab for plot, a tab for characters, a tab for setting, etc. Then, within each tab, I have different pages – a page for each character under the “characters” tab, and a page for the different cities, forests, rivers, etc. in the “setting” tab.

I’m not saying Microsoft OneNote is better than the programs out there that were specifically designed for writers, but it comes with most Microsoft Office packages, so most people should already have it installed on their computer. This is awesome for cheap and lazy people like me. If you have the other Microsoft programs installed, I’d definitely check out OneNote.


  1. This sounds totally awesome, except I have a mac. :\ Could pose a problem. And I was just looking for a way to get Word on my mac, but I'd have to pay for the whole Office package... but I'll research anyway, and see if I can check it out! :)

    1. Apple and Microsoft have similar programs, so there might be a OneNote equivalent on your Mac? If you do end up getting the whole Office package, that's great, but don't pay extra for OneNote - I'm sure there are plenty of programs out there for free that do exactly the same thing (and probably designed specifically for writers).