Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When the Internet Dies

My internet died on Monday*.

(Du duh DUH!)

It sounds like the first line to a horror novel. Unfortunately, it’s a true story. The internet went down on Monday, leaving me pretty stranded. I tried trouble-shooting, but no luck. Eventually, I foolishly decided “hey, I’m not addicted to the internet. I can survive for one day.” I also foolishly figured my dad would come home, snap his fingers, and have the internet running again.

So, I tried to last without the internet. Can I point out I wouldn’t have just been sitting on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs. I actually had assignments to do. Assignments that needed research. Journal articles. ONLINE journal articles.

Lesson of the day: we rely on the internet way too much.

I couldn’t do it. It was simply impossible for me to work on assignments without internet access. Textbooks only get you so far. But I’m proud to report that I struggled on anyway. I mainly focussed on creating outlines for my multiple assignments, but even that was a struggle with all the information on the university’s website. In the end, I had to hurry to the library to use their Wi-Fi and submit an assignment.

So, because this is a writing blog and all, it’d be really cool to somehow link this back to writing. Maybe “buy hardcopy books so you can keep researching for your writing when the internet’s down” or “download everything you need so if the internet goes down you can keep going”. I can’t really expand on those ideas though, so I guess this post will just have to be filed under “life”.

For the comments, have you ever been without the internet for extended periods of time? Why did it die? How long did you survive without it? And if you can somehow link no internet with writing, let me know! I’d love to hear it!

* Okay, so actually it was last Monday, but I’ve been really busy and haven’t posted this until now.


  1. When I went to my grandparents' last summer, they didn't have wifi, so I was on the internet exactly four times(at the library) during the ~three week vacation. There was a blessed two days at a beach house that had spotty wifi, and then nothing again. IT WAS TERRIBLE. O_o

    Then in moving, we were almost four days without internet because it wasn't setting up correctly. I survived pretty well, though. Had to visit a coffee shop to get my math problems, but I was rather too wound up in school to be that bothered by the internet's absence that time. It frightens me how dependent I am on the internet for life in general. How can I look up the etymology for 'stake out' to see if it's old enough to use in a fantasy, or look up how long you'd have to go without food to be near death, without my belovéd internets??? O_O'

    1. Ooh, that would have been hard going without the internet for three weeks! You're right: it is scary how dependent we are on the internet. Can you imagine if the internet rose up against us?

  2. The internet was out the other night. Last Sunday, I think. ALL the electricity was out, actually. It was mega-sadifying. But it was actually a VERY good thing for me! I had a MS I was beta-ing that had been sitting a few weeks, and I managed to finish it all that night. Just needed to be disconnected so I couldn't be distracted by other things. :P

    Still. I love my internet. My friends live in it. *pets internet*

    1. I hate it when the power goes out! Still, I'm glad something good came out of it!