Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Project 2012: April Update

I’m in two minds as to whether I could call April a productive month. I started April with a nice streak of productivity. March, which I blogged about here, was pretty bad, so it was nice to start April on a high. I powered through my revisions during the first few weeks, thanks to a two-week Easter break, and quickly caught up to the current editing stage.

…But, that’s when things started to fall apart. I’m in my second year of university, which means second year courses… which mean things get hectic pretty fast. Last year, I didn’t really get busy until the final weeks of the semester, but this semester got busy in a blink of an eye after the break. I’ve had three pieces of assessment in the three weeks I’ve been back, and another (major, major, MAJOR) essay due in a week’s time. After a brief reprieve, I’ve got five assignments and exams in a two-week period. Not fun.

So as you can imagine, I’ve been spending a lot of time with word documents open, but not in a good way. Both of my projects have been put aside to collect dust, and that’s probably going to continue throughout May (and possibly June... we’ll see). Needless to say, please don’t expect prize-winning content in the next few weeks :P

On a more positive note, I’ve discovered a new program for writing… well, okay, seen the potential of a program I’ve had on my computer for a while. Stay tuned for a post on it in the coming weeks!

For the comments, how has April treated you, both writing wise and Real Life wise? Good or bad? Productive or un-productive? Let me know!


  1. Wow, what a work load! O_o My classes just finished up last week, so I'm free and clear and ready to use summer for writing instead of enjoying the limited sunshine. XD

    Aaand…my April was alright. Had lots of epiphanies on how to fix things, but most of the fixing hasn't happened yet. So I'm calling April my month of intellectual progress, and I'm hoping with all my hoping power that May will be my month of physical, on-virtual-paper progress, lol. ^_^

    1. Lucky you, getting summer and all!

      I'd call April more than just "alright". You know what needs to be done, which hopefully means you'll be super productive in May!