Friday, 18 May 2012

Taking a Break

As I get closer and closer to the end of the semester, things are really getting intense. I’ve got three assignments due next week and one the week after.

I’m going to be taking a short break from blogging, probably until the end of May, while I get stuck into my last remaining assignments. Hopefully I’ll still be (even a tiny bit) present on Twitter and other blogs, but right now I just don’t have time to devote to my blog.

In the meantime, here’s something to look at. Apparently it’s a bit of eye candy… plus an important message worth remembering.

See you on the other side!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Reading or Writing?

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
            ~ Stephen King

I’m really busy at the moment, with assignments, tests, and presentations, so for the past few weeks the only major down time I get is half an hour before I go to bed so I can read for a bit. I always make time to read every day because of the Stephen King quote (above) on the importance of reading. I see it as sharpening the tools for writing.

The other day, I was musing on how busy I was, and how little I got to write these days. If only I had time… but all my spare time is spent reading. So that got me thinking: what’s more important – reading or writing?

I know I’m fence sitting, but I really think there are two answers: reading and writing. Both are important for different reasons.

Reading’s important because it gives us the tools to write. Reading daily allows me to sharpen those tools. But what’s the use of sharpening the tools if I never get to use them?

I really want your thoughts on this? What do you think is more important? Reading or writing? If I only get a little bit of spare time each day, how should I use it? Sharpening the tools, or actually using them? Or do you think I should make time to read and write? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When the Internet Dies

My internet died on Monday*.

(Du duh DUH!)

It sounds like the first line to a horror novel. Unfortunately, it’s a true story. The internet went down on Monday, leaving me pretty stranded. I tried trouble-shooting, but no luck. Eventually, I foolishly decided “hey, I’m not addicted to the internet. I can survive for one day.” I also foolishly figured my dad would come home, snap his fingers, and have the internet running again.

So, I tried to last without the internet. Can I point out I wouldn’t have just been sitting on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs. I actually had assignments to do. Assignments that needed research. Journal articles. ONLINE journal articles.

Lesson of the day: we rely on the internet way too much.

I couldn’t do it. It was simply impossible for me to work on assignments without internet access. Textbooks only get you so far. But I’m proud to report that I struggled on anyway. I mainly focussed on creating outlines for my multiple assignments, but even that was a struggle with all the information on the university’s website. In the end, I had to hurry to the library to use their Wi-Fi and submit an assignment.

So, because this is a writing blog and all, it’d be really cool to somehow link this back to writing. Maybe “buy hardcopy books so you can keep researching for your writing when the internet’s down” or “download everything you need so if the internet goes down you can keep going”. I can’t really expand on those ideas though, so I guess this post will just have to be filed under “life”.

For the comments, have you ever been without the internet for extended periods of time? Why did it die? How long did you survive without it? And if you can somehow link no internet with writing, let me know! I’d love to hear it!

* Okay, so actually it was last Monday, but I’ve been really busy and haven’t posted this until now.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Project 2012: April Update

I’m in two minds as to whether I could call April a productive month. I started April with a nice streak of productivity. March, which I blogged about here, was pretty bad, so it was nice to start April on a high. I powered through my revisions during the first few weeks, thanks to a two-week Easter break, and quickly caught up to the current editing stage.

…But, that’s when things started to fall apart. I’m in my second year of university, which means second year courses… which mean things get hectic pretty fast. Last year, I didn’t really get busy until the final weeks of the semester, but this semester got busy in a blink of an eye after the break. I’ve had three pieces of assessment in the three weeks I’ve been back, and another (major, major, MAJOR) essay due in a week’s time. After a brief reprieve, I’ve got five assignments and exams in a two-week period. Not fun.

So as you can imagine, I’ve been spending a lot of time with word documents open, but not in a good way. Both of my projects have been put aside to collect dust, and that’s probably going to continue throughout May (and possibly June... we’ll see). Needless to say, please don’t expect prize-winning content in the next few weeks :P

On a more positive note, I’ve discovered a new program for writing… well, okay, seen the potential of a program I’ve had on my computer for a while. Stay tuned for a post on it in the coming weeks!

For the comments, how has April treated you, both writing wise and Real Life wise? Good or bad? Productive or un-productive? Let me know!