Monday, 2 April 2012

Project 2012: March Update


The entire month was… well, a bit of a non-event, writing wise. The university semester started to pick up, and my two projects got trampled on by a mad stampede of assignments and exams. Not fun.

I think I looked at my editing project (EXCALIBUR) once during the entire month. That’s how bad my month was. But to be honest, I really shouldn’t blame my lack of writing on university. Laziness and a I-prefer-writing-over-editing feeling are also to blame. Uni’s just the scapegoat.

My Untitled YA Fantasy Idea fared a little better (but only a little!). I attribute this to the fact that it’s still in the planning stage, and so I can work on it in my head.

(…okay, and maybe the I-prefer-writing-over-editing feeling too.)

Whatever the reasons, I actually have something to show for my work: I wrote out character outlines for the three protagonists, and this past week I’ve been researching how to create maps. I even created a really-really-really-really rough outline. As in, so rough it’s really just so I know what to draw when it comes time to draw the map.

So yeah, sadly not much of an update this month, but I still think writing this post was important for me. Because of university, I’ve been really focusing on things day-by-day (as in, “X is due in two days, Y is due on Friday, and Z is due next Tuesday…”) rather than looking at the big picture. That probably has also contributed to the lack of writing – I didn’t notice it had gotten so out of hand until I looked at the entire month as a whole. So for April, I’m going to work on looking at the month as a whole. I don’t know how I’ll do it yet, maybe mark writing days on a calendar, or something like that, but I’ll do something that will help me focus a bit better.

Needless to say, I’m now behind the rest of the Project 2012 group, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up to them quickly. By now I was supposed to have finished looking at the big picture, and I should be looking at the different chapters, and making sure they all belong.

Anyway, that’s enough from me today. Your turn! Tell me how your writing’s going. Have you had a really good month, or, like me, has life just gotten in the way? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Aw. I'm sure you'll catch up again in no time. :)

    My writing... >.> I was doing really good at the beginning of the month. Then...not so much. Literally. *cough*

  2. Constance: I've come up with a plan to quickly catch up to everyone else, so hopefully it'll work out and I'll be back on track. Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way?

  3. March=lots of low productivity, writing-wise. I've been doing really well in my classes, though! ^_^ Backtracking and rewriting have been happening, mostly—I got a critique partner, and they pointed out where my first chapter had a pacing issue, and, yes…the rewriting of Ch 1 & 2, and fixes in 3, are all delaying quite a bit. But I did write ~three pages! It was in a new WIP, so that's not great, but it was writing! =)

    I hope and pray that April—or most of April, since I'm moving this week—will be infinitely more productive, because I will have stability and running water. RUNNING WATER! *blessings from the Heavens*

  4. Amanda: Sadly, compared to my month, rewriting two chapters sounds very productive! Congratulations on being not-as-unproductive-as-me!