Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Just a quick update to let you know how I’m going with my must-catch-up-with-Project-2012-before-I-fall-behind:

I’ve nearly caught up with March’s work on EXCALIBUR, and I should be ready to progress onto the second phase of Project 201, which focuses on individual chapters, in the next couple of days!

My Untitled YA Fantasy Idea is also making progress. I’ve been hard at work drawing a map for the world. I hand drew (or is it ‘drawed’?) the map, and considering how bad my drawing skills are, I’m really impressed. I didn’t even get any smudge marks on it! (If you’re left handed you know what I mean.) Once I come up with a plot outline I’ll be able to put any finishing touches on it (extra towns, cities, natural terrain, etc.), but for now I’m happy with it.

For the comments, how’s your week been, writing wise and in real life? Let me know!


  1. I would just say 'hand-crafted' and skip the problem. XD I'm glad you're making progress! MAP! *loves maps* Anyway, moving has cut my slow plod down to a snail's crawl, but I should be getting back on track soon. Soonish. I have a really good critique partner who keeps finding things I need to fix. It's a gift…and a curse. But mostly a gift I don't want to deal with half the time. XP

  2. Amanda: I hate Real Life distractions! Hope you get back to your slow plod soon!