Monday, 9 April 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme

 A little while ago, I was tagged by Amanda to do the Lucky 7 meme. I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! Yay!

To complete this meme, I had to go to page 77 of my WIP, find line 7, and copy down the next 7 lines (lines 7-13). This section comes from an intense action scene, but looking at the excerpt on its own makes it look not so action-y. But just trust me, it is.

Lily, the protagonist, is hanging off the edge of a bridge, and her sidekick, Nolan, needs grenades out of her backpack so he can kill the bad guys and rescue her:

Lily let go with one hand and shrugged the bag off one shoulder. She switched hands, and shrugged the bag off her other shoulder. Now the bag was in her hand. It was heavy, weighing her down. Her other hand was slipping…

Lily swung her arm up and threw the bag to Nolan… not far enough! It was going to fall short and plunge to the spikes below…

Nolan dropped the AK-47 and raced to the edge of the pit. He grabbed the bag by one of the shoulder straps and hoisted it up.

The excerpt seems a little telling (not showing) to me, but this section comes from Chapter Fifteen, which I haven’t edited yet. This part is still in rough draft format!

For the comments, have you done the Lucky 7 meme yet? If not, consider yourself tagged (if you want).


  1. LOL, I laughed when I saw AK-47. XD Mainly because I was just reading along, and the excerpt didn't mention it before that point, so it popped into my head like it magically appeared. Which I highly doubt is what really happened. =P Magic guns aside, I like the excerpt! Very intense. ^_^

  2. Amanda: I'm glad you liked it! Lol, the AK was in scene before the excerpt started, so definitely no magic guns!