Monday, 23 April 2012

Changes to the Blog!

Since I started the blog back in July, there’ve been a few things left incomplete or needing changes. Like the Writing page which was “under construction – check back soon” since Day 1. I’ve finally got around to updating it, and while I was at it, I changed a few other things. Here’s what’s new!

Works in Progress: Previously titled “Writing”. Now has actual content! Check out information on all my current WIPs by clicking the Works in Progress page button up the top (or you can click here, whatever’s easier).

New header: Just minor changes to the header. (If I didn’t say anything, I doubt you’d notice!) Got rid of the “Matthew Dodwell presents” thing because, yanno, everyone knows it’s my blog. I made the title larger and (hopefully) more noticeable. I’m thinking about changing the title soon because I feel it no longer fits: when I first started the blog it reflected my slow plod – writing one page at a time – but now I feel like I’m working faster… well, in general, at least. Right now maybe I should call the blog “One Page Whenever I’ve Got Some Spare Time”.

About Matthew: More really minor changes. Again, if I didn’t say anything, I doubt you’d notice. Just updating information really. I might have to update again soon, to incorporate the fantasy element into my bio.

Follow by email: Yay! Now you can be a follower/member through Google OR you can follow by email. Whatever floats your boat! Heck, you can do both if you want!

So that’s all the new stuff! I want to point out that I write this blog for YOU, and so your thoughts are important! If you’ve got any recommendations for things which could be changed, let me know! Tell me what you like and dislike, and perhaps some things you’d like to see in the future. Let me know in the comments!

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