Monday, 12 March 2012

The Squiggly Red Lines are Strong with This One

I love it when people give me blog post ideas blog awards!

Amanda over at Truth, Justice, and Other Stuff awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award! Thanks Amanda!

This Kreativ Blogger award really has my facial muscles twitching. I mean, “Kreativ”? Who chose that name? The word’s putting squiggly red lines all across the screen. Not cool. The Grammar Nazi in me is not happy.

The Kreativ Blogger award does kinda remind me of Star Wars, particularly that scene where someone says to someone else “the force is strong with this one…”. I think it happened in Star Wars I?

As Yoda would say…

"Everywhere, the squiggly red lines are..."

Anyway, moving on…

For this blog award, I have to provide ten facts about myself. I also have to pass this blog award on to several people, but I really hate that. I never know who to pick. So let’s just pretend I didn’t see that instruction…

1. I’m a writer. Okay, that’s an obvious one, but if I ever have to give a fact about myself, that’s what I start with… okay, actually if I’m ever asked I get a mega-mind-blank… But if I could remember, that’s what I’d start with.

2. I hate the cold. Hate hate the cold. It’s only just Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m already wearing jeans. This is Australia I’m talking about, not some icy wasteland near the Antarctic.

3. I’d never actually watched an entire episode of Star Wars until after the final movie (Revenge of the Sith) was released. I’d watched snippets of episodes, but never an entire movie. Attack of the Clones was the first one I watched.

4. While I’m thinking of AotC, Star Wars II is my favourite of the franchise. I really love the clones. They’re the best bit.

5. I collect money. I particularly love international currency. I mean, who isn’t fascinated by the different designs countries put on their money? Every time a friend goes overseas, I bully them into bringing me back some coins.

6. Okay, this is getting really hard now. Why did it have to be ten facts? Why not five? Do people think I’m interesting? I’m really not. Ooh, that can be a fact! I’m not interesting. (Yep. I’m clutching at straws now…)

7.  My favourite number is 7. Well, usually it is. Right now, 10 is the number I love the most. Must make it to number 10…

8. My favourite colour is blue, my favourite food is chocolate (*drool*), and my favourite soft drink is Pepsi. (…wait, should this be three facts?)

9. I live in constant fear of someone being able to read minds. I have some really random thoughts. They’d think I were crazy!

10. I hate insects, but not things that could actually kill me. Like snakes, crocodiles, and sharks. I’d probably want to get closer…

 At last, I’ve made it! I think this took me about an hour to do. #anotherwinforprocrastination. I swear that if anyone else ever asks me for ten facts I’ll shoot them (or direct them to this post).


  1. Okay, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this post. I laughed out loud more than once. Don't know why I found it so funny.

    I, too, love chocolate, hate insects (but not necessarily big killer creatures-- I'd want to see a snake closer, but I flee at the sound of a wasp), and my favorite color's blue. *high fives*

    Blog awards are a fun idea in theory, but when it comes down to filling them out, it's a pain, so I often... don't. *bad sport*

  2. Maggie: Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed this post :D

  3. I am so glad I'm not the only one bothered by the spelling of "Kreativ"! :D

    I happen to think you're interesting(you live outside of the US. YOU LIVE IN THE BACKWARDS COUNTRY. That gives you bonus points, at the very least. XD *still has trouble processing the way of the seasons in Australia*)

    My favorite color is blue TOO! AND I love chocolate! Pepsi, though... O_o

    Hahah. Mind reading doesn't worry me. I generally state everything I think, so, if anything, mind reading would be helpful! Because then they could tell me the thoughts I think but forget before I have a chance to say them! BRILLIANT! *wants a mind reading friend now*

    ...I like looking at the big killer animals. From a safe area. I HATE insects no matter what. But I do not want to get CLOSER to the big guys. O_O

  4. Yeah…six was kind of a cop-out. *heaps shame upon you* =P But I'm glad you made it to ten! I had a difficult time getting there. =)

    @Constance—LOL. I love your mind reading friend reasoning! XD

  5. Constance: LOL at the backwards country! I've heard people call Australia the upside-down country... but backwards?! :D

    Amanda: I'm sure I've done a 10 facts thing before, but I couldn't find it so I couldn't even cheat! I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggled!