Friday, 2 March 2012

Project 2012: February Update

February feels like it’s gone by quickly, but looking over all that I’ve done this month, it certainly looks like the month’s stretched on!

I was initially a bit confused with what we had to achieve this month. I can’t quite remember *what* I thought we had to have done by the end of the month, but I do recall believing I had a really easy month ahead of me. It wasn’t until the middle of the month that I realised that I had to do a whole lot more rewrites than I had planned, and work on structure.

On the topic of structure: it’s really hard work. In theory, it sounds so simple, but I’m finding that actually making sure the structure is perfect is difficult. I’m making slow progress, but I guess progress is still progress, right?

On the fantasy novel front, I’ve recently had a big breakthrough. Halfway through February, I decided to quit fooling around and start work on Untitled YA Fantasy Idea (UYAFI) (as opposed to waiting until March). I got to work on the premise, fighting the urge to put in a stereotypical Wise Old Wizard (which I’m still umming and ahhing about – I think it can work). Up until yesterday, I was struggling with my protagonist. I know who the sidekicks are, and a whole bunch of other characters, but the protag was eluding me. I only had a hazy idea of who he was, and he wouldn’t tell me his name. In fact, it was getting so bad I was beginning to get over UYAFI: I didn’t want to work on it.

But I’ve finally had a breakthrough! He’s finally told me his name, and suddenly his character has gushed out at me! I can see him so much clearer, and I’ve learnt so much about him.

Moral of the story: characters need names. It makes them real.

So, for the comments: how’s your writing going? Any breakthroughs? Have you recently learnt something important? Let me know!


  1. Resist the urge! Wise old Wizards are an excuse to save the hero from really getting kicked in the butt. Let him figure it out on his own :)

    As for breakthroughs and important stuff, hmm. Nothing really earth-shattering this week. Just pluggin' :)

  2. I have a short list of things I have to know before I start writing anything and top of the list is the Protagonist's name. If I don't have that I don't have a Protagonist at all. What's in a name? A whole heck of a lot!

  3. I agree with Merrilee! RESIST THE URGE. XD But anyway, this is a great post. It's so true! Though I find it goes both ways. Sometimes I've had a perfect protagonist in my head, but no name. Most of the time it's the other way 'round.

    No particular breakthroughs. I'm in the process of learning how important it is not to give up on revisions as I revise Blink and switch it from third person to first. *headdesk* I. Hate. Revisions.

  4. Glad you had a breakthrough! I'm still plugging along, slowly…I definitely agree that slow progress is still progress. Otherwise I'd have to say I haven't made any, lol. XD

    And yes. Characters need names. =) And not Wise Old Wizard figures. =P

  5. BREAKTHROUGHS. I love 'em!
    Names don't often elude me, but on the rare occasions that they do, I hates it with a passion. STUPID NAMELESS CHARACTER THAT IS PARANOID ABOUT SHARING. *cough* xD

    My writing is fine. I've been faithfully writing 1k every night, and if I can't manage it, then I make sure I write the amount I missed the next day. It's still not as fast as I'd like to be going––at ALL––but it's better than not going, right?
    Have I learned anything important....Well, I have been introduced to , does that count? It really does help. A lot. Even though I'm too wimpy to put it on the kamikaze mode that could eat my words if I slack. O_o But yay for motivation (in whatever form that may be)! :)

  6. Merrilee: Ooh yes, butt-kicking is definitely a good reason not to have a Wise Old Wizard!

    Kerryn: A name is usually one of the very first things I have, but this time I had absolutely nothing. I had to call him Protagonist on a basic outline I wrote.

    Maggie: Changing POVs? *shudders at the thought* I wouldn't even know where to begin. Good luck!

    Amanda: Good 'ole slow progress :)

    Constance: 1K is awesome! It's been so long since I've been writing daily, I should probably use Write or Die! Bad Writer-Matthew, bad!