Friday, 30 March 2012

A Big Imagination

I’ve always had a big imagination. I still do. Just the other day my parents received something in a handwritten envelope. No return address. I puzzled over what it could be, and who could have sent it. The envelope seemed too small for a letter, and no one had birthdays coming up.

Then my imagination decided it was probably a letter bomb. Or worse, someone had put deadly germs inside it (like biological warfare agent thingys). Whoever opened it would die, either from an explosion or some deadly disease. Were my parents the target on an assassination?

My dad went to open it… I watched on, forgetting to breathe… I was in the vicinity. Was I about to be collateral damage?

My dad opened the letter… and sneezed.

I nearly had a heart attack.


  1. Ooooh my lanta. I so would have had the same reaction. O_O

    My imagination is my best friend. And my worst enemy...because oftentimes I imagine these terrible scenarios that don't end well for me or someone I love. But the bad imaginings are totally worth the good ones. ^^

  2. LOL, I'd only read the first sentences and came to the exact same conclusion about assassination! XD Imagination FTW! =D I think that kind of random extrapolation is required in creative minds. ^_^

  3. Constance: Bad imaginings are definitely worth the good ones. Plus, they make good story material!

    Amanda: Great minds think alike? :)