Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Writing Again

Okay, Untitled YA Fantasy Idea. Here’s the deal. If I promise to try to write you, will you leave me alone when I’m editing?

I’ve finally submitted to the pull of my Untitled YA Fantasy Idea (abbreviated to UYAFI, because writing “Untitled YA Fantasy Idea” all the time is a pain). I didn’t like the idea of writing and editing at the same time, but UYAFI is very persuasive. So, for the rest of January and all through February I’m going to be editing four days a week, and writing for the remaining three. At the end of February I’ll decide whether I can editing and write at the same time. If I can, I’ll start putting UYAFI-related thoughts to paper!

I have to remember that editing comes first, though. If at any time I start falling behind in my Project 2012 commitments I have to bring writing to a halt until I can catch up.

That said, I think I can do it. Merrilee’s created loose monthly targets (ie. “by 31 January you should have X done, and by 29 February you should have Y done”) and I’ll be adapting them to fit weekly targets. This will ensure I can keep up, especially if I break down the targets to daily goals (“If I do A today, and B tomorrow, I’ll meet my target this week”).

So that’s my plan. For the next few weeks I’ll be picking up some old short stories, and finishing them off! Wish me luck!

For the comments, have you ever had more than one project going? How did you go? Did you succeed, or did one project crash and burn? Any advice for winning? Let me know!


  1. I'm writing two projects right now, but I guess I'm lucky because they are two very different genres. So I have my main one, and the second one I am only allowed to work on at night or in the sauna, which is where I get most of the ideas for the story.

    So in my case, I have one for the daylight, and one for night.

  2. I don't have more than one project going...and I don't think I could. O_o I would fail epically. but I hope it works for you! :D

  3. Haha, yeah…I try to multitask? I did pretty well with NaNo, working on two projects. I got a little over 15k in each, as well as some editing. But I never really edited on the same days(or weeks, really) that I wrote. I've found that I'm a unitasker when it comes to editing and writing, vs. writing in two(*cough* or more…) different projects. On the flip side, I'm editing a lot right now, so I'm getting very very little writing done. There's just something different about editing—it's happening in a much more analytical part of the brain for me, so switching between the two hasn't really worked that well. I wish you the best of luck with it, anyhow! ^_^

    P.S. On my first day of class, my history professor said multitasking is a myth, and that by definition it is doing two or more things at once…badly. Professor— "If you are texting and walking, you are walking badly. If you are texting and driving, you are driving badly. If you are surfing the web while learning in my class, you are learning badly." It makes me feel better about my single-minded focus. XD

  4. Taylor: I like the idea of having a daytime novel and a nighttime novel! It wouldn't work too well for me though - I do most of my writing at night! Thanks for reading!

    Constance: Up until now I'd never even consider working on more than one project! But if I'm going to be editing *all* year than I need something to keep me sane!

    Amanda: I'm planning on writing on certain days and editing on others, so hopefully I'll be able to switch between parts of the brain easily!

  5. That's what I do Matt - I have designated days for my revision WIP and my first draft WIP. Good on you for giving it a go!

  6. Merrilee: Thanks! Hopefully it'll work out :)