Friday, 6 January 2012

Project 2012

Last year I participated in Merrilee Faber’s ‘100 words for 100 days’ challenge, which really helped me get through my WIP and get into a routine of writing every day. Because of that challenge, I managed to write EXCALIBUR in six months, and finished in late November.

Well, I’ve taken a break from my WIP, and now I’m ready to jump back into it! I’ve never been any good at editing, and to be blunt: I hate editing. I really do. I would much rather create a new story than revise something I’ve already written. But alas, editing is kinda an essential skill for those wanting to be published.

Fortunately, Merrilee is going to save the day again! This year, she’s running Project 2012, a year-long project that will focus on editing a project from start to finish, and I’m participating! I’m going to learn how to editing my WIPs properly, and actually be held accountable. My previous attempts at editing were… well, pretty bad, and I usually gave up after a month or two.

But not this time! I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I’m resolving to do Project 2012 and completely edit my novel. The year has been divided into quarters, and each quarter will focus on a different aspect: the big picture, chapters, the nitty-gritty stuff, and getting ready to submit. At the end of 2012, I’ll have a polished manuscript, and query letter, and a synopsis!

If you’re interested, I’m sure it’s not too late to sign up!

For the comments, what New Year’s Resolutions do you have? Do you think you’ll be able to keep them? Let me know!


  1. I'm trying to wrap my brain around hating editing and…it's beyond the limits of my imagination. =P Just kidding, but still—my mind is boggled. I love editing. It's like air and water. I get to make my writing better, closer to my original vision of the story. As a perfectionist, bringing things closer to perfection falls near the top of my list of greatest joys. XD I almost like editing more than writing. Almost.

    Anyway, that's not really helpful, so…I'm going to be quiet, lol. Good luck with your resolution!

    My resolution-things, which I listed in greater detail on my blog, are pretty much to finish polishing my first novel, acquire an agent, finish writing two more novels, and start and finish another. So…three books fully written, one book perfected, to the best of my ability. And, you know, an agent. That one almost slipped my mind. ;)

  2. Amanda: Well, you're welcome to edit my novel for me :P

    Sounds like you've got a busy year ahead of you! Good luck!!

  3. I'm pretty sure I have already listed my new year's resolutions for you. :P Recap: Rewrite & edit Defiance. Write Selfish. Edit if possible.

    I don't think I hate editing. I like Small Stuff editing, I think, but Big Stuff editing? BLEH. That's sorta what my rewrite of Defiance is. Sorta. And it is not making me happy. I still love Defiance, but still.

  4. You made that sound so appealing! Good luck with this.

  5. Constance: By Small Stuff editing, do you mean looking at the words of the WIP, as opposed to the big picture? I think I wouldn't mind that, but I've never actually gotten to that stage! I usually find an excuse to stop editing before I get to that point :O

    Maggie: Thanks!

  6. Well, no, I haven't done much, but I've done enough to know what I do and don't like. And yes, that's what I meant by Small Stuff editing. :)