Monday, 12 December 2011

Snail's Pace

This was supposed to have been posted on Friday, but Blogger decided to save this as a draft and not post it. Just pretend you're reading this on Friday :)

I’ve still been really busy this week, but also too disorganised to pre-write any blog posts. I’ve had no time this week to edit, or even read! I’ve been trying to go to bed early each night, but I’m just so tired, I only read a chapter or two before going to sleep.

Editing is going at a snail’s pace. Embarrassingly, I’m going through the initial read through of the short story. It’s a big story, but not takes-several-weeks-to-read-it big. What I really need is a few solid hour-long periods to get stuck into it… but the few nights I’ve decided to edit, I spent wasting time on the internet.

It would seem I’m a Level 99 Procrastinator when it comes to editing. (Oh geez, did I just use a gaming reference?!)

Ahem. So, yeah, everything is still going slow. For the comments, how’s your writing going? Do you slow down over Christmas, or do you use the time off to surge through your writing or editing? Let me know!


  1. Aw! Don't worry, soon I'll have to work too, and I will make sure to bug you lots. =D

    I'm still letting it wait, even though I'm not REALLY going to edit(long story, in the metaphorical sense, not the literal sense. The story is only like, 47k. :P) aside from VERY general plot-edits. But soon I'll start reading over it, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I'm very nervous and excited and really shouldn't think about it till the day is over(read: till the finals are all over).

  2. Constance: Haha, please *do* bug me! Good luck with your finals! When do they finish?

  3. I stopped pre-writing blog posts like…nine months ago. It took out all the spontaneity, and boy, do I love spontaneity! *looks at low daily productivity rate and scratches head* XP Unless I want something to be posted at a certain time for a contest, or just because. Yes.

    Anyway. My editing/polishing is also going at a snail's pace. I can waste time like nobody's business. I see your Level 99 and raise you Level 1,000-bajillion. I used to do some RPGs, that's a legit level. XP But seriously, I need a third party to go turn off my internet, turn it on for me to check a word on or research details on wikipedia, then turn it right back off. IT STEALS MY SOUL/work time. =/

    It's weird, but almost every Christmas, I hit this spurt of productive energy and get loads done. And then January comes and I get less and less, and by February I'm back to snailing along. Wow, I can't believe that Firefox is telling me that snailing is a word. O_o Anyway, this is long, and I need to get back to those edits, so…adieu! =)

  4. @Matt-I will! As soon as I start. Which'll hopefully be soon. :)

    They were Monday, and I'm all done! (There were only two. Two very stressful ones, but still, just two. :P)

  5. Amanda: I have to turn the internet off sometimes too. I don't need a third party to do it for me, I just turn off the connection on my laptop and don't turn it back on unless I can persuade myself it's an emergency! :P

    Regarding your Christmas productivity, that *is* weird. Could it be because of the Christmas holidays giving you more spare time?

    Constance: Woohoo! That's awesome! Good luck with the results!

  6. I actually have less spare time, because my family expects me to do things. Hmm…maybe it's an avoidance thing? Like, my brother is on break from school, so I use productivity to closet myself up and avoid him? lol, it's a theory. ^_^