Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Although my family might think of me as a bit of a Christmas Grinch (Christmas lights? Hard work. Christmas songs? Drive me insane. Buying presents? “Why must there be so many people shopping today?!”) I actually love Christmas.

I love see the expressions of joy on people’s faces when they unwrap the gift I gave them.

I love eating the delicious food: gingerbread men, chocolate truffles, the delicious turkey my mum buys… *drool*

And (because, let’s be honest, everybody loves it) I love receiving presents. I mean, who doesn’t love getting some really cool stuff?

But most of all, I love that Christmas Day is so perfect.

People may not think I enjoy the lead up to Christmas, but I do love Christmas Day. I appreciate that everyone puts so much work in, all through December, to make one day absolutely spectacular.

I got several new books this year for Christmas, and so my TBR pile has returned to its former glory. I got Inheritance, the final book in the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini, and so the first three books have also been added to the pile. *Excited*

I also got a Kindle! I haven’t bought any books on it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I plan on doing a review on it once I’ve been able to finish off my TBR pile. On one hand, it’ll be great not to have a stack of books on my bedside table, but on the other hand, said bedside table will look so empty!

For the comments, how was your Christmas? Did you get any new books you’ve been looking forward to? And if you have a Kindle, do you like it? Let me know!

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