Friday, 30 December 2011

2011: A Year in Review

2011 has been a year of adventure for me. So many things have changed from the previous year, and it’s kinda weird to look back on 2010 and see how things used to be. In Real Life, I started university, learnt to drive (or rather, became able to drive by myself), and turned 18. Acquaintances became friends, while friends became acquaintances.

In the writing world, I started off the year revising my WIP, POSEIDON’S TRIDENT. I quickly realised that there was simply too much work to be done, and quite frankly, the entire novel needed to be rewritten from scratch.

I started my new project in late May, although I had been planning since March/April. Aided by the ‘100 Words for 100 Days’ challenge, I managed to get into a good habit of writing daily, something I had never been able to do. With this new skill, I was able to churn out EXCALIBUR in precisely six months, and record for me (my previous novels usually took at least a year to write a rough draft).

During the year, I’d been writing a short story, which soon became a not-so-short story of about 12,000 words. I started HIT AND RUN in February, and it helped me through my long breaks at university (my time table wasn’t the best). Sometime after the first few months, I forgot about the story, only to pick it up in September. I churned through the last half of the story, and am now trying to edit it over the Christmas period. My editing attempts haven’t been so successful.

Now, as the end of the year approaches is already here, I’m struggling through the edits of HIT AND RUN, which is supposed to be a practice run at editing for EXCALIBUR. In 2012, I want editing my novel to be the main focus, and, taking into account my increased procrastination when it comes to editing, this will probably spill over to 2013. After that, I’m planning on starting the rewrite for POSEIDON’S TRIDENT, but I also have a YA fantasy idea swirling around in my head, begging to be written. So, who knows.

Your turn now. How has 2011 been for you? Has it been exciting, or was it ‘just another year’? Anything exciting for 2012? Let me know in the comments!


  1. In February (Or March?) of 2011, I was browsing along on Miss Snark's First Victim, and I saw a link about another blog. A...teen writer's blog. I signed up, I did the meet-and-greet, and I had no clue that this people that seemed so scary and unknown at first would turn into some of my favoritest people. They encouraged me to write and write, until I finally finished my very first novel. And then they continued to encourage me through my first NaNoWriMo, where I finished my second novel. So 2011 was totally NOT "just another year." It was a year of firsts and beginnings.
    As for 2012, I get to do another first: meet Maggie! And I'm rewriting my second novel, Defiance. I've got plenty of excitement planned.

  2. Constance: As I said on your blog, I'm glad 2011 was a good year for you! Have fun meeting Maggie!

  3. I have a terrible memory for times, and events within time, so I was about to say 'just another year', when I realized I did the majority of rewriting my first novel in 2011. I gave my sprawling, random ~135k/140k novel a complete redo and got it around 115k. Then I did a full round of edits, through all 115k, making it 111k. Now I'm half way through Edits 2, previously known as polishing, and it's up around 114k so far. I'm adding more than I'm subtracting, but it's so much faster to read now…it's exciting. ^_^

    I also wrote a handful of short stories, ~5 & a half, with ideas for more, plus a poem and a half—haven't written a poem for about four years until this year. I started a completely new novel, getting a quarter of the way through, I restarted Book 2 and got ~15k in, and I made significant progress in my superhero novel & my inspirational contemporary novel. I got a brand new, awesome idea for a novel just recently, hopefully to be chipped away at in the future. Wow, I feel like I need to chill out and focus, saying all that…

    Oh yeah, and I graduated high school w/ a 3.97 GPA(so close to a perfect 4…so close…), and I made FRIENDS! O_O