Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Live Blogging! 2K, 1 Day

I started my WIP back in late May this year, and recently I realised that this Friday, 25 November, marks the six month anniversary since I started writing my WIP. I’m so close to finishing, and I really want to have my novel finished before Friday. With a fraction over 2K remaining before I hit 80K, I’m using today to write a massive chunk out of the remaining few chapters!

To keep myself accountable today, I’m doing a live blog, Beth Revis-style. Stop by during the day to check out my progress, and don’t forget to give lots of encouragement!


8:00: Doing nothing. Great start to the day. My laptop isn't even turned on yet.

8:07: Still doing nothing. Laptop is at least turned on.

8:24: Latest chapter document is open. Start writing... now!

8:36: Twelve minutes, and 94 words written... I probably would be more productive if I wasn't checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, and practically anything else there is to check on the internet.

9:01: Word count: 313 words. Closing Twitter definitely helps.

9:24: One hour in. Word count: 583 words. Not as fast as some people, but this is definitely good for me. At this rate, I could be finished by lunch time!!

9:26: Note to self: You will not be done by lunch time if you keep surfing the internet.

9:39: I'm grimacing at all the stuff I'm putting my protagonist through. This is good, right?

9:55: Word count: 825 words. I've totally earned a quick break, right? Right?

10:13: Did I say "quick break"? I really just meant "break". Now, back to work.

10:16: I'm stuck. Trying to figure out how to kill my (unarmed) antagonist without making my protag a cold-blooded killer. Thing is, they're both deep underwater with no guns in sight. Only a sword and an empty spear gun.

10:22: Okay, I think I've figured it out.

10:41: Antagonist dead, protagonist has Excalibur, and the climax is complete! Word count for today: 1,051 words.

11:03: Procrastinating instead of figuring out how to conclude the WIP. I have decided to add another chapter... but that's about it. Going to take a quick break to allow me to figure it out.

11:28: I think I've got the next chapter figured out: "just write and see where it goes".

11:44: Word count: 1,257. 63% of the way through to my 2K goal. Have to run some errands, so I'll take a break now.

Who actually says "errands"?

12:33: Back from my errands, but now I'm hungry. Lunch time, methinks.

1:56: Lunch: check. Christmas-present wrapping: check. Other miscellaneous jobs: check.

2:31: Today's word count so far: 1,569 words. I have roughly 700 words until I hit 80K, and only a little over 400 to hit today's goal of 2K. The rest is going to be tough though, I'm quickly running out of steam, and without this live blog, I probably would have thrown in the towel by now.


3:10: Finished off the latest scene and, I think, chapter. Going to take a much earned break now. Total word count for today: 2,250 words.


  1. It said I didn't comment before, though I most definitely did. O_o

    Stop being on the interwebs, you slacker. :P

    Hehehe. I did many mean things to MY protagonist too. ^_^

  2. Constance: I checked the spam folder, but there wasn't any comments from you. I'm not sure why the comment didn't go through.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Oh, I figured out why it didn't, we're good. xD

    Now go figure out how to wrap everything up!

  4. Haha, really? :P You know what's weird, I saw someone else on Twitter say errands too!

  5. O_o It sounds like you are procrastinating. *glares*

  6. Woohoo! You rock, Matt! :D I'm proud of you. ^_^