Friday, 25 November 2011




I’m so happy and excited to have finished, but at the same time I feel kind of numb, like it hasn’t fully sunk in what I’ve achieved. I suspect that’ll change the next time I sit down to write and realised I don’t have anything to write!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love looking at statistics (strange for a kid who dislikes numbers), so I thought I’d share a few:

Total number of words: 80,857
Total number of chapters: 54
Average words per chapter: 1,497.35
First word: Lily
Last word: Sight
Total writing days: 185 days.

I’ve been saying these past few weeks that today (Friday 25 November) would have been six months since I started writing… but then I realised I started writing on the 24th of May, not the 25th. This means that yesterday was actually the six month anniversary since I started writing! So, I didn’t end up writing a novel in under six months, but rather exactly six months. Still cool, and now I have something to aim for with my next novel!

As for the future, I have a short story to edit over the Christmas period, which I’ll probably start work on today. Early next year I’ll start the edits for my novel, EXCALIBUR, which seems a little daunting. It’s going to be a massive task. I’ll have to work hard at sticking with it, and not allow myself to run off with another novel (as I do every time…). I also have a whole bunch of half-written short stories I might look at to keep me sane during the torture editing period.

For the comments, how is your WIP coming along? NaNoers, are you nearly done, or have you begun to fall behind?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Well done Matt! Congratulations :D

  2. OOOH congratulations!!! That's awesome! Exactly six months! The OCD part of me loves that. XD I rather enjoy statistics & numbers, so I'm liking the breakdown. =) Good luck with the torture! Umm…I mean…editing. *that was embarrassing…* XP

    As for NaNo…I'm having to move in with my grandparents this weekend, plus Thanksgiving celebrations, and I was already falling behind/hitting a mental block, so I'm counting the words from my polishing process also to hit the NaNo word count. In WIP 1, which I tried to draft last year & got about 10k in before failing, I passed the point at which I stopped last time. I'm in completely new territory, so I have this mental block about going forward, since the rest of this story has been in my head so long—it feels like it belongs in my head only. It's dumb, and I'm slowly getting over it, haha.

    WIP 2 just got to the shoving MC into the big scary world part/Act II, and I don't have a ton planned to fill it up, atm. It'll happen, though. Just…don't stop believing! *sings Journey* XD

  3. Amanda: Thanks!

    Good luck with the rest of NaNo! I hate it when you get mental blocks - they're the worst! But I'm sure you'll figure it out soon! :)