Monday, 14 November 2011

70K and Counting

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me tweeting late last week about it: I’VE HIT 70K!

I’m ultra-excited about this milestone because it means I only have 10K left on my WIP’s estimated word count of 80K. With my personal goal of 500+ words a day, the end is finally in sight and I’m racing towards it!

I’m entering exam block this week, and I have three exams over the next fortnight. In previous years, my writing has always ended up on hold during the busy period, but this time I’m hoping I’ll be able to write something, even if it’s not 500 words. I’d be happy to get 100 words down, because even if it isn’t much it’s still progress, and progress is good. Besides, once I start writing I get into the flow, so I’ll probably be able to write something substantial each day. I just need to lie to my muse promise my muse I only need 100 words.

In my last writing update, I said my estimate was to be finished writing by Christmas, but now I’ve revised that to the end of November! (I also said that my WIP would be 78K… I don’t know where that figure came from! I might have added a chapter in, or something.) This means I’ll be able to celebrate with all the NaNoers!

It’s actually coming up to the six month mark since I started writing my WIP. 24 November will be exactly six months since I started writing… and that’s a week and a half away. I’d love have finished writing by that time! Wish me luck!

For the comments: how’s your writing going? If you’re doing NaNo, what’s your word count at? Are you nearly halfway yet?


  1. Good luck! It would be epic if you finished RIGHT on the 24th. :)

    Psh? Coming up to? Dude, I've left 25k in. The. Dust.*

    I'm uber happy for you! :D

    *And by dust, I mean dust in an desert sandstorm. Five feet away.

  2. Constance: Thanks!! It would be *very* epic to finish on the 24th! And well done on passing 25K! You're doing really well! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Congrats! You are almost there.I started writing my debut novel on October 18th. Now I have written almost 30,000 words out of a 50,000 word target. Good luck on your last 10,000 words.

  4. RJ Ropsen: Thanks! 30K in a month is great work! Well done!