Monday, 24 October 2011

Writing Update

As I posted last week, I had been having some trouble keeping accountable with my writing, and I had stopped writing daily. I’m happy to announce that with Maggie’s help, I’ve gotten back into the rhythm.

I’m now writing 500+ words again each day, and most exciting of all is that I should be finished my WIP by Christmas! I played around with some figures, and determined that if I write 500 words every day I should have the novel written by 10 December (but this is assuming I don’t write a word over 78K, which is unlikely). So, yeah, a complete rough draft by Christmas, all ready to edit after New Year’s!

This means that I will have written my WIP in seven months – my quickest yet. It’s interesting that each novel I work on is longer than the last, word count wise, but also written quicker.

Onto my short story, HIT AND RUN, I started editing, but it’s been on hold since… well, since I started! I’m hoping to get back to it, but I have to remember that my WIP has top priority. I can edit the short story over the Christmas period.

So, for the comments: how is your writing going? Nearly finished, or just starting? Or, if you’re doing NaNo, have you finished planning yet? Let me know!


  1. I'm just polishing. Editing is done, which is a relief! But polishing seems just as extensive, in some places, but with the nitpicked details. It's terribly meticulous work, but I keep myself entertained by changing the font from Times New Roman to Cochin as I finish little sections. *easily amused* Also, I can feel the writing getting better as I smooth it all out, and that's pretty gratifying--enough to keep me working on it. =)

  2. I feel like a terrible person. I promised I'd help too, and then I promptly forgot. O_O I need one of those iPhones with the Siri app so I can make notes faster and then not forget. Anyway. *shamed*

    I'm glad it's going so fabulously for you!

    I'm still getting ready for NaNo. I've been busy knitting (read: lazy) so I haven't worked on my subplots/character development/etc, but I did finally figure out a pretty big world building point that's been giving me trouble. :) 7 days till NaNo!

  3. Amanda: It's a great feeling to see your writing get better :) Have fun!

    Constance: I've been including Maggie in my word count tweets - I can do the same for you, if you like. The more people to keep me accountable, the better!