Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tips for Winning NaNo #1

I’ve never done NaNo before, but doesn’t mean I can’t help, right? This week, I’m posting some tips to help you write 50K+ in November! (Sure, you could just Google it, but then I don’t have anything to post on this week :P )

Go for that extra 100: At first, 100 words might seem like a lot, but when you see it written down, it’s not that much. So when you’re writing, always aim for those extra 100 words. It won’t take long, and then you’ll be 100 words closer to finishing! (I was going to say 0.2% closer, but that doesn’t sound nearly as encouraging.)

Write all the time: See that calendar on you wall? Rip out the month of November. You don’t need to make any appointments/meetings/anything next month because you’ll be busy writing! Use all your free time to write: on the bus, in your lunch hour, at the dinner table. Even if you only get a little bit written, it’s better than nothing. On that note…

Tell your friends: Let your friends know what you’re doing, and explain that if they disturb you, you will murder them be very angry with them. Tell them that you’ll need to spend all your time writing, so if they call you about that awesome party on the weekend, they won’t be so shocked when you scream back “why are you wasting my time?! I could have written 26 in that time that your disturbed me! Are you trying to sabotage me?”

Check back on Friday for some more tips! But for the comments, are you doing NaNo? If you’ve done it before, do you have some tips for winning?


  1. *screams* WHY ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME? I COULD HAVE WRITTE––oh, what? NaNo hasn't started yet? My mistake. :P

    These are good tips. I mean, I knew them all already, but repetition is okay. It helps drive it home. :)

  2. 0.2% is the opposite of encouraging, lol. But that's okay, because I've decided not to do NaNo. I'm just going to set a steady pace(~5k per week) until I finish my WIP. =) I figure being steady/treating it like a job will be better training for when I have deadlines in the future. =)

  3. Amanda: Good luck with your goal! :)