Monday, 17 October 2011

Keep Me Accountable

I was doing so well with my writing during the 100x100 challenge, write every day. I knew that things would get a bit rocky once the challenge ended and I was no longer putting my daily word counts up for others to see.

I was right; since the challenge ended two weeks, ago, I’ve only written 7 days out of 11, and those days have been minimal with regards to word count. I really want to get back to writing 500+ words a day, so I need your help.

On Twitter, I’m going to be recording my daily word counts, but I need you guys to keep me accountable until at least November. I need you to make sure I check in every day, and if I don’t… pester me until I do.




  1. I can do that. It might turn me into a temporary semi-stalker, but still. xD

  2. Okay! I can do that. It might take me a bit to remember to check your Twitter for the word count every day... or you know what, you could even tag me in your tweets so I remember. Then if I don't get tagged, I'll know to pester you. XD

  3. Thanks guys! I'll definitely tag you, Maggie :)