Wednesday, 12 October 2011

In Which I Wait for Inspiration

Okay, I haven’t posted since Friday, and I have no idea what to blog about today. So, I’m just typing, hoping inspiration strikes.

*Waiting for inspiration to strike*


*Still nothing*

*Commence babbling*

I have two large assignments due on Friday and Monday, and I’m hard at work on them. They’re not hard, but they’re big, and it’s taking time to get through them.

My writing’s suffering as a result. Since the 100x100 challenge ended, I’ve only written for four days. I thought that this would happen, so it’s not a shock for me. I’m working hard to get writing, so hopefully the words will pick up.

That’s all from me today. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Kudos for getting a short post-length blog down--you really are a top notch babbler! =P When I have no inspiration, I usually end up staring at the blank screen with 'blah' written in the text box, then give up.

    Anyway, good luck in school and writing! After 100 days straight(for the most part), I think you deserve a break anyway, haha. =)

  2. Oh, projects are blah. I've been avoiding mine for a while. Like you said, they aren't hard. They aren'teven huge. Well. One is 1/3 of my grade for the class... but still. It's not a huge, hard project. It's just pointless. *needs to come up with brilliant motivation*

    I agree with Amanda! You deserve a bit of a break. :)

  3. Amanda: I sat at the computer for five minutes, looking at a blank screen before I decided to just start writing!

    Constance: One of my assignments is worth 40%... which is nearly half my grade... which sounds massive when I write it like that! I think I like 40% better - not as stress-inducing!