Wednesday, 5 October 2011

100x100: Crossing the Finish Line!

We’ve done it! After 100 (sometimes gruelling) days of writing, the competitors of the ‘100 Words for 100 Days’ challenge have crossed the finish line!

Total Words Written for this quarter: 14,054 words
Average per Day: 826.7 words
Most Written in a Day: 1,556 on 23 September
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 414 on 28 September
Days Missed (0 word count): 1

First of all: LOOK! I crossed 50K! This was my goal from the last update, and I crossed it in the final days in September!!

I went on holidays for a week in this quarter, so I missed Days 81 – 87. I marked that week down as a break, not 0 word count days, so the figures above completely ignore these days. This makes my 50K all the more exciting, considering I had seven less writing days this quarter! My lowest word count was in the 400 word range, which I’m also really excited about! In previous quarters (which you can see here, here, and here) they’ve all been a lot less than this. I missed a day this quarter, something I haven’t done since July. I hurt my neck last week, and so I was out of action all day. I couldn’t move my neck at all without being in agony, let alone sit at a computer.

There were two ‘5,000 words in 5 days’ marathons this quarter: one at the beginning (Days 75 – 79), and another at the end (Days 96 – 100). I did really well in the first marathon, beating the goal by nearly 400 words, but didn’t quite make it in the final one, falling 1.2K short.

Total Words Written: 52,616 words
Average per Day: 565.76 words
Most Written in a Day: 2,028 on 18 July
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 104 on 13 July
Days Missed (0 word count): 4

My overall average words per day for the challenge are over 500 words, so I’m pleased about that. My most written in a day, and least written in a day still stand from the first quarter, and I’ve missed four days of writing. Again, these figures ignore my writing break.

I’m a bit sad to see the 100x100 challenge end, but I’ve had a great time, and made some new friends along the way. I expect I might have trouble keeping the motivation up to write daily, so I’m going to keep my Excel spread sheet going, which should hopefully keep me going.

On Friday, I’m going to be posting about a few lessons I learnt from the 100x100 challenge.

Once again, I ask: How is your writing going? In a slump, or on a high? And because I’m curious, how many words do you have on your WIP? Just starting, or nearing 50K, or even 100K? Let me know in the comments!


  1. OH, yay! *throws confetti* Good job, Matt!! :D I'm proud of you. ^_^

    My writing is fine... I have, uh, gotten distracted world building/plotting another story. *cough* But I have a good reason! It's for NaNo!! Honest! :P

    Ahem. Aaaanyway. I don't remember how much my WIP has, and I'm too lazy to open it, but it's still pretty low word count-wise.

    And again, CONGRATS!!!!!! :D

  2. Amazing numbers, Matt! And all through 100x100, you set a great example of how cope with both school and daily writing (something I'm still struggling with!)

  3. Constance: NaNo is only a month away, so you probably should be planning for it now.

    Jill: Thanks Jill! Sometimes it can be really hard to juggle writing and school, but you'll get there :) Thanks for reading!

  4. Sweet! Passing the 50k mark is a pretty awesome accomplishment. =) I'm still editing(I'll let everyone know when that's changed...*rolls eyes*) but I passed the 4/5 mark, and I only have about 20k left to sift through, out of a ~110k total. ^_^ My little writing projects that I fool with when I'm not editing are at 3.5k, 5.5k, 6.5k, & 10k. Though I'm going to scrap all of the 6.5k one & start over, so I probably shouldn't even include it, haha.

    In conclusion, the second to last sentence of the post proper contains 'going' three times. And it made me laugh, because I'm tired and it's 5:20 AM. *slowly...going...insane...*

  5. Amanda: I think you are going insane, because I can't find a sentence that contains 'going' three time...

    It's so exciting that you've nearly finished your revisions!

    Maggie: Thanks! :)

  6. lol, it's this one " I’m going to keep my Excel spread sheet going, which should hopefully keep me going." It's such a background word, I only noticed the repetition b/c I had to concentrate on every single word to withdraw meaning, lol. But you're right, I'm insane. Nothin' new there. XD

  7. It's amazing how the words accumulate when you're focusing on putting some words down each day and looking always forward.