Friday, 23 September 2011

Thoughts, Ideas, Things that have Happened

Excuse me for the rambling post today. I thought I had an idea planned before I went away, but it turns out I didn’t, so I'm just writing. I’ve tried to structure this post as best I could, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well. Here’s… well I don’t know what they are. Thoughts? Ideas? Things that have happened? I don’t know, just read the post:

I’m back from my holiday, and I had a great time! I did get sick, but it was on the last day, which was very lucky. I’m slowly getting over it, but on Wednesday (when I was flying home) I felt like death!

I took a notebook and pen with me in the hope of writing something, but I couldn’t find time to write anything. I’ve gotten straight back into writing though, with 400 words yesterday, and plenty more expected today.

I also bought two new books at a closing down Angus & Robertson book store while on holiday. It’s a shame that the store was closing down, but it meant I could get new books to read for $5 each.

Despite the new purchases, my TBR pile is smaller than it has been in a while – only six books high (plus the book I started today). It seems I’m finally beginning to succeed in my quest to get rid of my TBR pile! Library, here I come!

Also, it’s really hot Down Under. I don’t mind the heat, but I don’t remember it being this hot! Considering that it’s only the beginning of Spring, I think it’s going to be a really hot Summer.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today. I’m slowly catching up on everything that happened while I was away, and that means a lot of blog reading! I’m just about finished, just a few more blogs to catch up on.

For the comments, how has your week been? What exciting things have you done?


  1. Sick on vacation is no fun--glad you're feeling better, and that it was on the last day! And $5 books are quite nice. I just never visited Borders when it was going out of business up here. =/

    As for my week, I wrote up my first resumé and cover letter, and applied for a job! I'm pretty excited. =)

  2. *meant to say holiday instead of vacation. I prefer how it sounds. XD

  3. This reads like most of my posts. :P

    Matt! Don't be sick! ...Well, don't get sicke again. No. No excuses. Just don't do it again!
    (Yes, I was imagining your side of the conversation, in case you were wondering. :P)

    I'm glad you're back. :)

  4. You think I'd be used to your comments like "it's going to be a hot summer", but every time I'm like "Right! Australia..." *shakes head at self*

    I'm sorry you've been sick! No fun. :(

    Nothing in particular this week... I'm starting revisions on one of my novels! I'm REALLY pumped. (As my blog says... *coughs*)

    Glad you're back!

  5. Amanda: I have to admit I felt like a bit of a vulture taking the books from a dying bookstore, but I managed to justify it to myself. "If I don't buy these books, someone else will. And what if they use the books for... *gasp* starting fires!"

    Constance: I'm already sick! Yeah, but I- ...but- ...okay, I promise not to get sick again! (I was filling in my side of the conversation, just in case you were wondering :D)

    Maggie: I haven't checked your blog yet, so I'm off to do that now! Good luck with the revisions!