Friday, 2 September 2011

Seasons, and Books, and Action, oh my!

Just a quick post today, primarily because the blog’s looking a little desolate. I haven’t been posting this week because I don’t really have anything interesting to say. Weird, because I have an entire list of potential blogging topics. Anyway, here’s a list of writerly and non-writerly things which happened this week:

First of all, it’s Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere)! I’m definitely not a winter person… but I’m not really a Summer person either. I’m more of a late-Spring, early-Autumn person; not sweating in the humid Australian climate, but not freezing my butt of either. (If I had to choose between Summer and Winter, though, I’d be a Summer person. Being cold is not cool (pun intended*)).

Secondly, way back in March/April, I reserved a book from my library. After forgetting about it for a while, it's finally my turn to read it! A nice surprise. It came at a good time too; I just started reading a book which I didn’t really like. I gave up after fifty pages because it was too confusing, and there were too many characters introduced all at once.

Thirdly, for a while now I haven’t been enjoying writing action scenes. Today I think I figured out why: I have too many chase scenes. Looking through the outline, I’ve found I’ve got way too many scenes where the protagonists are chased by the antagonists/local police. Fortunately, I’m writing the last chase scene, so action scenes should get easier to write. Now I know to mix up the action scenes for future novels. Lesson learned.

Hmm. This wasn't such a short post after all. Surprise! Once you get writing, you can't stop!

How was your week, both writing and non-writing wise? Did you have a great week, or a not-so-great week? Also, are you a Summer person, a Winter person, or someone in between? Let me know in the comments!

* Confession: I’m not 100% sure that that’s a pun. (It’s Friday, I’m allowed to be a little bit brain dead.)


  1. It's fall here...WHICH IS AWESOME. ^_^ Autumn is my favorite season--I get to start wearing scarves, haha. I have a vast selection. If I had to choose between winter and summer, then yes, I'd be a summer person--but only as long as I still lived in Alaska. I don't like the heat all that much. And yes, as the resident pun expert, that was indeed a pun. =P

    In response to your thirdly, I've run into similar problems, on my first draft. Pretty much all the action came in chase scenes, with a couple tiny skirmishes interspersed, and there's only so many ways to do those things before they get tiresome. =/ I've hopefully rectified this situation in my second draft. I hope.

    As for my week, it was slow but moving forward in the writing/editing aspects, and kind of blah on the non-writing. Hopefully both of these will pick up next week. =) Happy writing! ^_^

  2. I desperately want to live in Alaska, where it isn't 100 Fahrenheit any given summer day.

    Ahem. Aaanyway.

    My week was good. I started my first-ever college classes, and they were completely awesome. Well... two were. My communications professor, he's... not so great at communicating. O_o
    Writing-wise, I haven't done much, what with trying to adjust to college classes (I was going to say life, but I decided that implied entirely the wrong thing. :P). But that should change soon. :D

    I'd say... I'm an in between-but-closer-to-winter person. I hate heat. I get headaches, and I hate heat. Basically, yeah. With cold, you can wrap up. Which sucks, what with living in Texas. O_o It is starting to cool down here some. *happy*

    It's great how when you start writing, it just keeps going, yes? *loves* ^^

  3. I'm an all-seasons-as-they-come person. But if I had to live in one season for the rest of my life, I'd pick autumn, simply because it's cooler and there's the anticipation of Christmas. #ChristmasFan

    And my week hasn't been so great... I've had a muddled mind and I can't think or say what I want to say. And I haven't been able to write much, either. I'm not in love with my current novel (at least not to the point where I MUST go write more!) and feeling generally discouraged as a writer. :\ Hopefully, I'll come out of it soon.

    Yay for library books you can finally read! ^^ And enjoy your spring. That sounds weird.

  4. Amanda: My birthday's in Autumn, so I like that season too :) Especially early Autumn, just as it starts to cool down after Summer.

    Constance: Glad you're enjoying college :) It's so different to high school! I did a communications-type subject too, but I had a really funny lecturer, so I enjoyed it! I thought it was just like English!

    Lizzy (or rather, Maggie): I hate the I-don't-want-to-write-this-anymore feeling. Don't worry, we all go through that phase! Keep working at it slowly and you'll get though it!

  5. Thank you. ^^ I'll do just that.