Friday, 9 September 2011

100x100: Nearly Done

Doesn’t time fly! I can’t believe I’m at Day 75 for the ‘100 words for 100 days’ challenge! We’re now three-quarters through, which means it’s time for another update!

Total Words Written for this quarter: 13,358 words
Average per Day: 556.58 words
Most Written in a Day: 1,442 on 6 September
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 305 on 5 September
Days Missed (0 word count): 0

Looking at these stats and stats from my previous posts (you can see them here and here), I seem to have slowed down from the second quarter. That said, I’m still going strong, beating my goal of 500 words a day. It’s interesting to see that my lowest count and my highest count were right next to each other; some days the writing is good, others it isn’t. I still haven’t missed any days since the first quarter, which I’m really proud of.

Total Words Written: 38,562 words
Average per Day: 514.16
Most Written in a Day: 2,028 on 18 July
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 104 on 13 July
Days Missed (0 word count): 3

Taking a look at the figures for the entire challenge, I’m nearly at 40K now, which is great! I’m pushing for 50K by the end of the challenge, which means a little over 600 words each day between now and the end of the challenge. Definitely doable, but it means I’ll have to pick up the pace. I’m going away on holidays next week, so I’ll be taking a break from writing, so I need to do a little more writing per day to meet the goal.

For the comments, tell me how your WIP is going. Are you surging along, are you in a slump? What’s your word count at, and have you passed any milestones? What are your writing goals?


  1. I'm pretty sure I said this on your last quarterly post, but that's some excellent progress! I wish I had the stamina to write half as much in the same amount of time. O_o

    As for writing goals, I still don't have any current ones, due to editing. I hope to start writing Book 2 in October, whilst querying, and use that MS for NaNoWriMo in November. But with what they say about the best laid plans, and this one not being very well laid...we'll see, haha.

  2. Amanda: Thanks! What keeps me going is an Excel spreadsheet I made to record my daily word counts. If I write 300+ words it's green, otherwise it's red. I've had green word counts for so long, I really don't want to stain it with red!

    Good luck for NaNo!

  3. Wow, Matt! That is AWESOME. :D I hope you hit 50k by the end. :)

    My writing is fine, I s'pose. Nothing groundbreaking has happened. I've decided I'll try to finish it in time to write my next one for NaNo. I've never done NaNo. I'm excited. ^_^
    Anyway. Good luck on the home stretch!!

  4. Constance: Good luck with NaNo! I've never done it either, but I always have an exam block in November, so I can never do it.