Friday, 26 August 2011

War Torn, by Andy McNab and Kym Jordan

I LOVED this book.

As in, “couldn’t-put-it-down-and-read-all-450-pages-in-five-days-even-though-I-was-really-busy-all-week” loved it.

I was a bit uncertain at first about reading it – I had heaps of other books to read, and I’ve already read an Andy McNab book but didn’t like it. But this book was awesome.

It followed the lives of a group of British soldiers as they undertook their tour in Afghanistan, as well as the lives of their families at home in London. Starting with a bang, two men were maimed within the first two chapters after the characters engaged with the enemy, and the rest of the platoon have to cope with losing their mates as they go about their duties. Meanwhile, at home, the wives deal with pregnancy, loneliness, and learning to live with the wounded soldiers sent home.

In my opinion, what made the book so good was that it was full of emotion. It wasn’t like other military fiction/thriller novels where the characters are all toughies – it showed emotion. It detailed how the characters dealt with the constant threat of death, being away from their loved ones, and their relationships with each other. While, like all good thrillers, it was still filled with guns and explosions, it went deeper into the emotions of the key characters.

With all this show of emotion, it was hard not to like the characters. The connection with the characters didn’t build over time, but rather was there from the start. The first glimpse I had of the wives back home showed just how hard it was. The first wife readers meet probably faces the most hardships: she’s Polish, so can’t speak English too well; doesn’t get on too well with the other wives; and has to deal with so many hardships at home. By the end of the chapter, it was impossible not to love her.

Like all books, it’s not for everyone, but whoever loves a good thriller but is looking for something different, this is a book you’ll love.

For the comments, what good books have you read lately? What did you love about them?


  1. I haven't read this book... and probably won't any time soon. I'm not a thriller kinda girl. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. *smiles*

    Hm. Good books. I finished "Graceling" a week or so ago, and really enjoyed it. Also "Seer & The Sword". Those are both fantasies, and delightful reads. But I haven't had a "couldn't-put-it-down" novel since Hunger Games. I'm still waiting.

  2. I loved Hunger Games too! That's another book I couldn't put it down! I haven't read the next two in the series though, they're on my read-when-I-get-the-chance list.

  3. I read all three twice. I'd like to discuss the other two with you whenever you've read them, and see what you think. :)

    Are you going to see the movie in March? I stayed up late last night to try to catch the teaser at the VMAs. I missed it live, but watched it first thing this morning. (Translation: I'm SO EXCITED about the movie!)

  4. I heard people talking about the trailer on Twitter so I looked it up - it looks awesome! I didn't know when the movie was coming out, but I'll definitely be seeing it in March! *is excited now*