Monday, 22 August 2011

Last Week

I’ve had a really busy past few days… well, actually, the entire week has been hectic, hence no post on Friday. There are a few things I wanted to mention though.

First up, I received the Liebster blog award from Amanda, and then Lizzy (and Constance, because it’s her blog too). It made me realise that I don’t seem to follow too many small blogs, so I’m still coming up with a list of recipients to pass the award on to. Check back on Wednesday, because hopefully I’ll have it all done by then.

Being halfway to the mid-semester break at university, last week was filled with exams and assignment due dates. But, I sat my last exam today, and I’ve submitted my assignment, so I’m assignment-free! (At least until next week when I have another exam). My writing has really suffered partially because of all the assignments, but also because I seem to have entered the writing stage where the idea isn’t new and shiny anymore, and it’s actually work now. I participated in another ‘5,000 words in 5 days’ marathon last week, and failed dismally at it. It was a struggle each day.

Lastly, I’ve come up with a brand new story idea! I came up with it on Thursday, and I’ve already written a bit of a brief outline for it. I won’t give too much away (mostly because I’m still exploring the idea), but it’s military fiction, and will probably be a novella or really large short story. I’m calling it 73 MINUTES, a title which I think will stick.

I need your help, guys! For the comments, what do you do when the excitement of your story wears off? I really want to finish the story, but at the same time I want to re-write my previous WIP. Let me know in the comments!


  1. What do you do when the shine wears off? You sit down and write, of course! Keep writing, find the next fun bit to aim for and write your way there. Whatever you do, don't be seduced by the next shiny idea!

  2. I turn on the epic music and browse through what I've already written, looking at my favorite bits & what I got down while I was still excited about it. Going through it, I project about what will happen next--even if it's just little things, like a line of dialogue or an awkward situation I can push my characters into, while still moving the plot forward, of course. =)

    But like Merrilee said, don't let yourself be seduced by the new shiny idea, in more than outlining. I did that once, and when I got the momentum/will to return to my first project, it took me a while to get back in that flavor of writing. I mean, they were wildly different projects, but even similar pieces can alter the way you're writing, sometimes not in a good way.

  3. Merrilee: Great advice, thanks for that :)

    Amanda: I zone out music when I'm writing or reading, but I'll try reading over my work. Thanks!

  4. I basically agree with Merrilee(if that is her real name, that is AWESOME. I *love* it.) and TEO. Just finish what you're working on now. You can do it. *gives magical potion that will make you want to work on your current story instead of the shiny new idea* :)

    Also, thank you for that, even though that post was all Lizzy and her awesomeness. For the record, I probably would have picked you if I had done it. :P We need to make boy writers more popular so that there will be EVEN MORE boy writers!! *starts making grande schemes*

    Aaanyway. I do hope you manage to get lots of writing done. :)

  5. Hm. When the excitement wears off. I hate that.

    Well, I have to ask myself if I will enjoy finishing it. If my heart isn't in it, I won't enjoy finishing the novel, and then I'll finish it poorly (because my heart won't be in it), and thus my readers won't enjoy it, either. So you have to kind of ask if it's worth your time since you don't have much without passion.

    Same goes for you. If you don't think you're super pumped about your WIP anymore, then just set it aside. It's not the same as throwing it away-- you're just letting it rest a bit until your oomph comes back. And in the mean time, since what you want to write is just a novella/long short story, then I don't see why you can't write 73 MINUTES and then come back to your old WIP?

    I hope you can make some sense out of this comment. :P