Wednesday, 17 August 2011

100x100: Halfway There!

The participants in the ‘100 Words for 100 Days’ challenge have all reached Day 50, which means we’re finally halfway there! The days seem to be whizzing by, and I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one sad to see it end.

Because we’re at Day 50, I wanted to share another round of stats:

Total Words Written for this quarter: 15,183
Average per Day: 607.3
Most Written in a Day: 1,658 on 27 July
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 301 on 5 August
Days Missed (0 word count): 0

I’ve done really well this quarter, with not a single day under 300 words (which is my personal goal). In fact, a lot of the days I wrote 500+ words, and lately that figure has become my informal goal. If I keep the 500+ words up I can have my WIP done in no time!

We’ve decided on some more ‘5,000 words in 5 days’ min-marathon: We’re all doing one right now, from Day 50 to Day 55, with another two at the end of the next two quarters. Merrilee and Kerryn have decided on a ‘7,500 words in 5 days’ mini-marathon because of their consistently high word counts, which is amazing!

I want to show the statistics for the total challenge now. These figures come from the entire 50 days:

Total Words Written: 25, 204
Average per Day: 504.1
Most Written in a Day: 2,028 on 18 July
Least Written in a Day (excluding 0 words counts): 104 on 13 July
Days Missed (0 word count): 3

I’ve written over 25K since the beginning of the challenge, which is brilliant! I’m really proud of these numbers. The most words written figure comes from the first quarter, and for a while it stood as a record for the challenge. It’s since been beaten, but I’m hoping on some massive numbers to reclaim top spot!

If you want to check out my Day 25 post, you can see it here.

For the comments, how is your writing going? Are you in a slump, or are you on a writing high? Let me know.


  1. Matt, that is GREAT! You're doing fabulously. Congrats. And good luck with the rest! :)

    I'd say I was on a writing high. For a while I wasn't writing, but this wonderful new story idea poked its head out of nowhere, and I've been writing 1k a day––which is pretty good for me. I'm hoping this keeps up for the whole course of the book. :D

  2. That's some excellent progress! I'm really excited about my next writing project, but my it isn't going, at the moment, because I'm editing. I fear the characters' personalities would get muddled in the process if I were to switch gears and be writing another book at the same time. =) Good luck with the last half! ^_^

  3. Constance: Thanks! 1K a day is fantastic! If you keep that up, you should be able to have your story done in no time! Keep up the excellent work! :)

    Amanda: I've never been good at making myself edit because I seem to jump to a new project as soon as I finish my old one! Good luck editing!

  4. Thanks! I certainly hope so. :)