Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Six Years, Six Lessons

Although sometimes I don’t feel it, I have in fact been writing for quite some. Six years, actually (I can’t actually remember exactly when I started writing, although I know it was sometime in Year Seven).

In those six years of writing, I've realised that I have picked up a few useful bits of knowledge about the craft.  Which is why, in the coming weeks, I’m going to be presenting The Six Lessons to Writing.

Lesson to Writing #1: Every writer is different

Lesson to Writing #2: Short stories are short

Lesson to Writing #3: Planning is important

Lesson to Writing #4: You have to know The Rules to break The Rules

Lesson to Writing #5: Writing is hard work

Lesson to Writing #6: Writing is fun

I’m going to kick off the series next Wednesday with my first Lesson to Writing, and share the next five in the following weeks.

For the comments: what bits of knowledge have you picked up?


  1. Those are awesome six lessons. And they're all pretty much true.

    Knowledge I've picked up... hmm. Probably that writing can be one of the most frustrating and most thrilling things to do at the same time. Also, that your writing grows better with each thing you write, which I find continually fascinating. ;P

  2. Lizzy: You're right, writing can be so frustrating yet so thrilling and also rewarding. Thanks for your comment!