Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Projects

I thought I’d share with you today the projects that I’m working on:

My WIP is an adult fiction archaeological thriller (think Indiana Jones or Lara Croft), and it’s based on the hunt for King Arthur’s powerful weapon, Excalibur. I began outlining it back in March, and finally began putting pen to paper… well, fingers to keyboard in mid-May. I’m hoping to have a rough draft completed early 2012. (I’m a pretty slow writer.)

Before my Excalibur WIP, I had been working on another thriller novel since 2009: POSEIDON’S TRIDENT. I really like the plot of the novel, but I made lots of mistakes throughout the rough draft stage. So many that I finally decided the only way I could fix it was to re-write the entire thing. I’m working on the Excalibur idea to give myself space.

I’m also working on a short story whenever I have time. CHASE is a murder mystery which is turning out to be longer than I expected. It’s smashed past the 6,000 word mark, and is nowhere near drawing to a close. I’ve been working on it since I began editing my previous WIP, but since starting a new novel, CHASE has been left untouched.

There you have it: my projects. For the comments, tell me what your projects are!


  1. Look at that, you *do* have a new blog. :)

    I think you're smart to take a step back from your first novel. I think first novels for a lot of us are where we learn through trial and error. Good luck on your projects.

  2. Hmm...I'm currently almost finished with rewriting my first novel, an epic fantasy & the first in the series, and I'm writing the second book next, which is a sequel kind of in the way of The Chronicles of Narnia in that it's with new characters. And I'm really excited about it right now. But that might just be a side-effect of my X-Men: First Class high. That's probably what it is, haha.

  3. Kasie: I've learnt *lots* through trial and error on my last WIP, and I'll probably continue to do a lot more trial and error on my new project. Thanks for commenting! :)

    Amanda: So, your next project will be same world, new characters? Your project sounds really interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yep! Same world, different country, different characters. Then the third book returns to the characters from the first, and on from there. Thanks!